Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse
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The Fairport Harbor
Marine Museum and Lighthouse

"The light that shone for 100 years"
1825 - 1925

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Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays & Legal Holidays
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From the starting on July 1st.
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Museum Reopening July 1st 1:00 - 4:00pm

Covid-19 virus changes in effect.
The Museum will reopen from 1-4pm starting July 1st
with social distancing guidelines in place.
Private tour requests by appointment only will resume
August 3-October 2 on a very limited and modified basis.  Maximum group size will be 6 persons. Calls will be accepted starting July 15th. Hours, tours and any future programs may be affected by health department advisories.
Decisions will be made to maintain the safety of our volunteers and guests at all times. 
The Fairport Harbor Marine Museum is the first
Great Lakes Lighthouse Marine Museum in the
State of Ohio , as well as the United States.

The museum, which also has a small gift shop, is located
at 129 Second St., Fairport Harbor, OH 44077.
For more information as to when the museum is open
call (440) 354-4825.
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Tours Available August 3rd - October 2nd.
Group Tour Rate is $30   Minimum Charge - $30.00
+ $4 per person
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The museum was founded in 1945 by the Fairport Harbor Historical Society, which is devoted to preserving and perpetuating the historic tradition of Fairport Harbor and the Great Lakes area. The original lighthouse was completed in 1825. The tower stood thirty feet high, capped with an octagonal-shaped iron lantern. The lighthouse was accompanied by a two-story keeper's house.Due to deterioration the tower and keeper's house had to be replaced. Rebuilt in 1871, the tower now stands sixty feet high and has a spiral staircase of 69 steps which leads to an observation platform.In 1925 the light in the tower (a third-order Fresnel lens) was discontinued. It was replaced by a combination light and foghorn station which was built on the west breakwater pier head.

The museum houses a number of artifacts pertaining to life on the Great Lakes and other maritime exhibits. Attached to the museum is the former pilothouse from the Great Lakes carrier the "Frontenac". More info.......



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Timeline of
Fairport Harbor
The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse
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Ghosts of the Griffith:
Disaster on Lake Erie

The worst shipping disaster in Lake Erie’s history, a tragedy of heartbreaking human cost. The summer of 1850 was the scene of the fire on the steamer
G.P. Griffith, along the coast of Lake County, Ohio.
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Ginnie Jeschelnig of the Lake County History Center


Current Map of Ships in the Harbor and Vicinity (zoom out to view the entire lake)

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