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The Fairport Harbor
Marine Museum and Lighthouse

"The light that shone for 100 years"
1825 - 1925


Museum Highlights:
Since 1945, the keeper’s dwelling has been home to the museum’s outstanding collection of Fairport Harbor and Great Lakes maritime history. As you tour the various exhibit rooms, you should note some of the important artifacts in our collection.  Items on current display are thematically arranged and may be temporarily removed in a given season to ensure ‘new’ visitor experiences.

Founders Room


  • USCG Station Fairport photos and equipment are on display, circa 1939 – present
  • Breeches Buoy and Lyle Gun are available for viewing
  • Keeper Matt Killinen’s uniform (1923) and other USCG uniforms are on display
  • Salt Mine samples and photos depict the ongoing history on the Grand River
  • Sentinel, the ghost cat is on display and featured via media programming highlights

Fairport Room


  • The original 3rd order Fresnel Lens is housed in this room
  • The lantern Buoy Tender from the West Breakwater is on display
  • Coming in July 2010, The Diamond Alkalai model and photo collection will be on permanent display
  • Photos, local artifacts, documents and paintings trace the history of Fairport Harbor from 1825 to the present.
  • A local resident and engineer on the ill-fated Edmund Fitzgerald is remembered.
  • Local Indian arrowheads and tools unearthed in the village in the 1900’s are on display.

Great Lakes Room


  • The history of Fairport Harbor wooden boatbuilding and Great Lakes transportation is traced and featured in many aspects.
  • Models of many Lake freighters and ore boats common to Fairport Harbor commerce are on display.
  • Taconite and ore samples from the Great Lakes are featured.
  • The Eastland Steamer Display is on view
  • The Frontenac Pilot House can be experienced.