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"The light that shone for 100 years"
1825 - 1925





v Still photography is permitted for non-commercial use except where the “no photo” icon is displayed.

v Use of a flash or a tripod is prohibited in all areas of the museum.

v Movie and video cameras are strictly prohibited.

v Photographs may not be commercially exploited in any manner.

v Objects on loan from private collections, or other institutions may not be photographed.

v The Museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises.

v If you wish to obtain a publication-quality photograph or file of an object in our collection for publication please contact the Museum’s Historians at our or call 440-354-4825 on Tuesday afternoons for more information.

v Members of the press / media outlets should contact the FHHS President with specific requests or needs.




Revised: Feb.2010




Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and Marine Museum

   Fairport Harbor Historical Society



                   Research Library and Photo Archive


The Research Library is an essential destination for anyone with an interest in historic tradition and sentiment in Fairport Harbor and the Great Lakes area.  The Photo Archive contains well over a thousand historic images that  tell the global story of fishing, shipping, commerce, and cultural experiences in the Western Reserve, the village of Fairport and on the Great Lakes from 1812 to the present.


Library members of the historical society work most Tuesday afternoons, 1-4pm.  Please call, write, or e-mail with specific requests a minimum of 2-4 weeks ahead of your deadline. Appointment required for library admission.  Members free, non-members $10.  Upon completion of a research request, a $10 donation to the museum is customary.  Picture requests carry a $5 donation per print donation. Materials may be picked-up during any open hours of the museum or mailed directly via the US Postal Service.